The Franklin’s Felony

Witch hunts are spreading across the land…

1327, Yorkshire, England


King Edward II has recently been deposed in favour of his young son, leaving England deeply divided.

Amid the turmoil, the Church is convinced that a scourge of witchcraft has returned to the land. Friars are now being sent all over the country to root out suspected witches and have them executed.

When a series of sudden, horrific deaths occur in Wakefield, the town’s inhabitants are ready to blame dark magic. However, Sir Richard Lee, Circuit Judge of the Northern Realm believes that there is more to each case than meets the eye.

Surrounded by political and religious tensions, Richard must proceed with caution as he works to uncover the truth. But as his investigations progress, it seems that many are harbouring dark secrets that they would do anything to keep hidden…

The Franklin’s Felony is the third book in the Sandal Castle Medieval Thriller series by Keith Moray.


Keith Moray

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