Deadly Still (Inspector Torquil McKinnon #6)

Has an innocent celebration gone wrong or is there a killer poisoning the islanders…?


West Uist, Scotland

While out on her morning run, Sergeant Morag Driscoll stumbles upon a teenager in serious distress.

Catriona McDonald is screaming hysterically and claims she has gone blind.

And her friend, Jamie, is in an unresponsive state…

With one young person dead, another missing, and a third in a critical condition, Morag quickly summons Inspector Torquil McKinnon and the rest of the team to action.

It seems the injuries are linked to illegally distilled alcohol. But were the teenagers the intended target? Or has a larger threat been brewed in the Deadly Still?

Deadly Still is the sixth crime thriller in the detective series featuring Inspector Torquil McKinnon by Keith Moray. 

“Keith Moray gives a delightful mystery tale and at the same time a fascinating look at the island folk of West Uist, a fictional island in the Hebrides. I found the culture almost as riveting as the murders and in all enjoyed the book tremendously.” Frank Roderus, double WWA Spur winning author

BOOK ONE: The Gathering Murders
BOOK TWO: Deathly Wind
BOOK THREE: Murder Solstice
BOOK FOUR: Flotsam & Jetsam
BOOK FIVE: Death In Transit
BOOK SIX: Deadly Still


Keith Moray

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