Eyes Wide Open

She was supposed to keep them safe.
She was their only hope and she had failed.


Fifteen year old Jenna’s parents would never approve of her new boyfriend. But he says he loves her. So, even if she hates the way his friends look at her, nothing will stop Jenna sneaking out. After all, what her parents don’t know about her could fill a book.

On the other side of town, social worker Rachael Morris is devastated when a girl she had sworn to protect, Kitty Lewis, is found murdered. And while she failed to defend her in life, Rachael is determined that Kitty will have justice in death.

With no-one prepared to talk, Rachael must decide whether to help the officer assigned to the case, DI Matt Winston, discover what really happened the night of Kitty’s death – before another family is torn apart or stay silent. But when evil comes in so many forms, how can you know where to start looking?

The chilling new book in Michelle Kelly’s bestselling MISSING series will have you on the edge of your seat.


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