The Summoner’s Sins

The kingdom is rife with treachery and darkness…

1323, Yorkshire, England


After negotiating with rebels without the King’s permission, Andrew Harclay, Earl of Carlisle has been executed as a traitor. With his last breaths, he was heard to curse all who had a hand in his demise — including King Edward II.

When the royal executioner, Perkin Cratwell, is found dead in Pontefract soon after, there are rumours that Harclay’s curse is coming true.

Believing that Perkin’s death was the work of rebel plotters, King Edward sends Sir Richard Lee, Circuit Judge of the Northern Realm, to investigate.

But when more and more brutal deaths occur around Pontefract, fear of the curse continues to spread through the land.

Suspecting that the deaths are connected, Richard searches for a missing link. But with dark forces closing in on him at every turn, he must tread carefully to avoid meeting the same grisly fate…

The Summoner’s Sins is the second book in the Sandal Castle Medieval Thriller series by Keith Moray. 


Keith Moray

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