April 8th, 2015

Thrilled to announce our book documentary tie in – Sinatra and the Jack Pack

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Circle Films's SINATRA AND THE JACK PACK, a documentary tie in that tells the story of the friendship between two of the 20th Century's greatest icons; how they met, the women and dark secrets they shared; and how it all went so terribly wrong, to Jay Cassell at Skyhorse, in a nice deal, for publication in 2016, by Isabel Atherton at Creative Authors (World).
- From Publishers Marketplace, April 8th 2015


Frank Sinatra desperately wanted to be a part of the gang. He had his own famed ‘Rat Pack’, of course, made up of hard drinking, womanizing, louche individuals like himself – guys like Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior and Peter Lawford. But the guy ‘ol blue eyes’ really wanted to hang with was Lawfords’ brother-in-law, the Real Chairman of the Board, John.F.Kennedy.


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by Isabel Atherton


“I cannot thank Isy enough for her utter belief in my first book, ‘Behind The Gloss,’ from the moment she met me and for holding my hand on this new journey. Not only that, but before I could take a breath there was another book deal on the table. Two books publishing in the same month. Not bad for a first-time author.”

Tamara Sturtz-Filby, Creative Authors Client