April 8th, 2015

Jules Miller’s Greetings Cards and Picture Books Giveaway! We have a winner!

Congratulations to Jenna in Finland who won our Jules Miller competition!


 When Night Became Day

The moon is bored with his humdrum nightly duties. He is always around the same old stars in the same old boring sky. Where’s the fun in that? The sun could use a change of scenery, too, and so the moon comes up with a brilliant solution—they will swap jobs! When the moon goes to work during the day, he does his best to shine, but he just isn’t as bright as the sun. It’s too chilly for people to enjoy the beach, and everything is in chaos. The sun doesn’t have it any better that night. His rays make it too hot to sleep, which makes people pretty angry. Maybe this trade isn’t such a bright idea after all.

From author/illustrator Jules Miller comes When Night Became Day—a pleasant reminder that we are all born with unique and special abilities. Children and parents alike will enjoy pointing out all the imaginative details in Miller’s modern yet folksy illustrations. Day or night, this is a wonderful book to read aloud. You can read more about this awesome book published by Sky Pony Press here.

Ellie and the Truth about the Tooth Fairy


“There’s no way the Tooth Fairy is real. It just doesn’t make sense,” states Ellie. So, she sets out to prove this to be the case, armed with a tiny tooth and a thirst for the truth. Convinced that the grown-ups are the ones replacing the teeth with money, she hides her tooth and tells nobody—except her best friend and her eavesdropping mommy. Later that night, Ellie is awoken with a start. There stands a fairy, and Ellie can’t believe her eyes. They fly to fairy land, across toothpaste rivers and through hallways of framed teeth, even stopping by a Peppermint Tree and toothbrushes made of solid gold. When Ellie awakes, there is indeed a coin in her tooth’s place, and a surprise at the door, but had it all been a dream? Or something more?

Featuring a whimsical story and simple, colorful illustrations by author/illustrator Jules Miller, Ellie and the Truth about the Tooth Fairy encourages children to believe while also promoting good oral hygiene. You can read more about this awesome book published by Sky Pony Press here.

About Jules Miller:

Before becoming an writer/illustrator, Jules had career as an Art Director in the advertising industry in London. Jules  now lives by the sea in Brighton with her husband – Photographer and Artist  Nic Miller and their two children, two very hairy dogs – and a rather cross grey cat (due mainly to the two hairy dogs!).

Four years ago Jules launched her own greetings card company ‘Jules Miller Cards’ a growing collection of greetings cards featuring illustrations by Jules – now selling all over the world. It was through her work in the world of greetings cards that she was introduced to the literary agent and director of ‘Creative Authors’ Isabel Atherton.

Isabel signed Jules in the Spring of 2013 – and by May of that year Isabel had secured Jules a two book deal with New York based publisher Sky Pony Press.

Jules’s book ‘When Night Became Day’ has also been published in Korea!

You can see more about Jule’s greetings cards and company here

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