April 13th, 2015

A Conversation with UK Book Tuber, Megan Olivier

Today we’re welcoming UK book tuber, Megan Olivier. I love Megan’s channel (along with 12,000 other subscribers!) and follow Meg on all her social media sites. I also know Megan in real life, as we met when she joined Lush for Christmas in 2013 and stayed friends since, so it’s great to have the chance to chat to her here today!

KO: Hi Megan! Thank you for the chat. First can you tell us how long you’ve had your fab book tube channel, and what kind of content you upload on there?

MO: Hi Kate! No problem, thank you so much for wanting to chat to me. I’ve had my booktube channel for about a year and a half now – I started back in November 2013 (that sounds crazy! The time as flown by). Obviously I upload mostly book related content, e.g. wrap ups where I give a mini review for each book I’ve read that month, and book hauls (probably my most popular style of video) where I show a bunch of books I have bought or received. As well as the book videos, I’ll occasionally upload follow-me-around style vlogs and content related to my other passions e.g. veganism.

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KO: To viewers who’re hoping to set up their own channel but aren’t sure where to begin, what advice would you give for starting out?

MO: I’d definitely say just have fun with it! Don’t worry too much about investing in fancy equipment in the beginning. And don’t be a perfectionist – upload every video you make! If you decide you want to wait until you’ve created the best booktube video ever to grace the internet, you’ll never upload anything! Put up what you have and save the improvements for next time. Also, don’t be worried about receiving a negative response from viewers – the booktube community is the nicest on YouTube and I can’t remember ever receiving a nasty or judgmental comment.

KO: You have a lot of subscribers and support on there, which is awesome to see. What do you love most about interacting with readers this way?

MO: Thank you! I really didn’t expect to gain this much of a following when I started out. It’s amazing! I love the fact that I’m able to talk to people who like books as much as I do. Not many of my real life friends enjoy reading, so it’s difficult to find people that I can discuss books with/force to read my favourites! And so many of my booktube friends have now become real life friends. Some of my best friends, in fact.

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KO: Your videos are so well done! What camera(s) and editing program do you use?

MO: Thank you so much! I use a Canon 600D and a 50mm Canon lens for most of my videos. For my vlogging I use a Canon PowerShot G7X. I like both of them because they have screens that flip around, which makes it much easier when you’re filming yourself. To edit, I use Final Cut, which you can use on Mac.

KO: Where do you find most inspiration for new reads?

MO: I mostly find out about awesome new reads from watching other people’s videos! I’ve found some of my favourite books and authors through being a part of booktube. I heard about Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell when I watched my first ever book review. And that book ended up being my top pick for 2013!

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KO: What are you waiting on? Which upcoming releases have caught your eye?

MO: I hear John Green is writing again, which is very exciting! I’m also desperately awaiting Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven King. The Raven Cycle is so wonderfully unique; I’m expecting great things from the final book!

KO: And to finish, can you give us a selection of your favourite books? What would you recommend to us?

MO: Well anyone who watches my videos will know that I ALWAYS recommend Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman. It’s a really underrated dystopian from before dystopian became really popular. Recently I read and loved Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern. It flowed so nicely and was such an enjoyable read! I’d also really recommend the movie.

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