February 19th, 2016

Video Interview: Nick Soulsby on Kurt Cobain

It’s 2016. Children born in the month of Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994 are 21 year old adults now – barely six years younger than he was when he died. So why does Kurt Cobain endure as an icon – and, just as crucially, why does he deserve to remain a touchstone for anyone interested in music history, in human stories, in learning of people worth admiring?

Watch the first part of Nick’s interview video on Cobain here.

About the book:

Cobain On Cobain tells the fascinating story of Nirvana through Kurt’s own words. Drawing on the most comprehensive compendium of interviews, editor Nick Soulsby traces the history of the band through five years from their first album in 1989 to their premature end in 1994. This definitive collection of Kurt’s own words is a unique insight into the legendary band’s trials and triumphs.

This collection of in-depth interviews takes the reader on a journey through the band’s rise to fame to their tragic end, in the eloquent, entertaining and often reluctant words of their iconic frontman, Kurt Cobain. Of course, the book wouldn’t be complete without words by his Nirvana bandmates, but it’s Cobain who was the driving force, and his uncompromising interviews tell a previously untold story.

Cobain On Cobain features interviews from the early days of the band, in small-time music magazines and fanzines, where Kurt and the band are optimistic and fun-loving. Throughout their major label years, Kurt and the band reveal what life is like for quite possibly the biggest rock group on the planet. Many interviews include a brief note by the interviewer, giving valuable information about the circumstances surrounding the interaction.

Cobain On Cobain has been painstakingly edited by Nick Soulsby, the author of ‘I Found My Friends: The Oral History of Nirvana’ and the coauthor of ‘Dark Slivers: Seeing Nirvana in the Shards of Incesticide’. His website has become one of the most valuable Nirvana resources on the internet, making him best-placed to compile this collection of Kurt Cobain’s most insightful interviews.

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Published by Omnibus Press in the UK, March 2016.
Published by Chicago Review Press in the US. Out now.

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