January 28th, 2016

A great start for Creative Authors in 2016!

With lots of new books being developed, submissions being made to editors and the agency negotating deals all around the world - it's sure been a busy start!

New books out now:

We are delighted to announce the publication of the following three novels.


The first in a major new series for the US with St Martins Press (Macmillan), Downward Facing Death by Michelle Kelly is out now, followed by the second in the series, Death in a Seated Twist, in February 2017.

After ten years away, Keeley Carpenter is excited to be back in Belfrey, the traditional English village hometown she fled as a shy teen, with a plan to reopen her father’s neglected butcher shop as a yoga café, where she will sell delicious vegetarian food by day and teach yoga classes at night. However the more traditional residents of Belfrey do not take kindly to this idea-or really anything they deem even remotely “New Age-y.” Within an hour of her arrival, Keeley comes face to face with Detective Constable Ben Taylor, who tells her that someone has just tried to burn down her shop. When officers arrived to stop the blaze, a body was found upstairs. Horrified by this news, Keeley is also startled to be reintroduced to Ben as DC Taylor, as he was her high school crush. In spite of her instant attraction to him, Keeley is determined to keep Ben at arm’s length.

As she settles back in to Belfrey and makes plans for her opening day, she soon finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation. When Keeley starts being threatened herself, she realizes someone may be out to kill more than her business prospects – but can she and Ben find the culprit before it’s too late? A warm, intriguing cozy debut that includes recipes from Keeley’s café, Downward Facing Death is perfect for fans of Laura Childs and Cleo Coyle.

“Michelle Kelly’s debut mystery is an appealing combination of colorful characters, clever plot twists, and a touch of romance, set against the backdrop of a charming English village. Downward Facing Death is sure to delight cozy mystery readers and yoga aficionados alike, as well as anyone who enjoys a good ugly duckling story. Highly enjoyable!” —Jennie Bentley, New York Times bestselling author of Home for the Homicide.

“In this cozy debut Michelle Kelly has you on your toes and bending over backwards with suspense.” —B. B. Haywood, New York Times bestselling author of Town in a Sweet Pickle.

Out now in bookstores and online



Eli Varrick is a bounty hunter who takes out the guys government’s want dead, but can’t get at. He kills for pay, but has his rules – he sees himself as one of the good guys.

After successfully killing a Bosnian war criminal he is double crossed, leaving him trapped in Mostar with no papers and a warlord on his tail. His only ally is a psychopathic woman with a taste for kinky games. Can he escape with his life to collect the bounty?

“This is a great thriller to read on a wet winter’s day! The hero, a killer-for-hire with a strict moral code, is very appealing, something of a hybrid of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and Lawrence Block’s Evan Tanner. The book is full of action, and it’s hard to put it down.” – Amazon Customer Review.

“Get in plenty of pasta – you’re going to need one-handed meals once you start this – the other hand will be holding the book.” – Amazon Customer Review.

Available now online from Endeavour Press



Irish novels so often sound the same. Repressive Catholic upbringings, cruel nuns, hypocritical priests, covered-up abuse, stifling mores, feelings of shame, self-harm, sturdy peasants, political sleaze, The Troubles, etc… we’ve read it all before.

A Modern Journey is different – un-miserable, counter-intuitive and contemporary, with an unlikely protagonist whose wayward energy and imagination explode in unpredictable directions in a country consuming itself in culture wars.

“Catholic conservatives and modernizers, disillusioned nuns, glamorous socialites, ultra-nationalists, leftist chat-show hosts, sleazy New Age healers, pious Travellers – what’s not to like in such an irresistible mix!” – Ruth Dudley Edwards, author of Patrick Pearse: The Triumph of Failure

“Finely written, deft characterization, funny, compulsive…Turner’s concerns are philosophical and portentous, in the European tradition of social movement and ideas, yet he cloaks this evisceration of a corner of our contemporary world in adept drollery. A comic tour de force of import, Joycean in its magnificent flow.” – Stoddard Martin , author of Wagner to the Waste Land

Out now and published by Endeavour Press

Rights deals:

CA has sold rights in Guojing’s ‘The Only Child’ to China, Mainland Spain, Taiwan and Brazil. We can’t wait to see the book in other languages.

And we couldn’t finish this blog post without a big thank you to Guojing for her fantastic GIF of our mascot – Rosie the Pug.


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