October 6th, 2015

Boo’s Beard!

Today we are chatting to the awesome Rose Mannering, Bethany Straker and Boo the dog about their fab new book - Boo's Beard.

Hello Boo! So sorry to drag you away from any lovely snoozes or rabbit chasing you need to do. I hear your health has been suffering recently. How are you feeling now?

No worries, I’m getting quite used to all this showbiz stuff. I was a bit ill last year, yes – it was all getting to be too much – but I’m better now, thank you. I had lots of love and attention from my owners.

Rose Mannering, author of ‘Boo’s Beard’, sees you as a great source of inspiration to her and wanted to make you a star! How would you describe your relationship with her?

She’s all right. If you need someone to give you food or clean up your business then she can be quite useful, but, to be honest, I’m the brains around here.

The book aims to help children with conditions such as autism, as well as shy children who find it difficult to socialise with others. How did your character help?

Boo in the book supports her owner, Tom, no matter what (just like me in real life). She also has a pretty handy beard that can be manipulated into all kinds of expressions. If you have trouble reading emotions, having a Boo with a beard around can be quite helpful.

I was able to illustrate this lovely book, and I do apologise if your likeness is less than flattering! Do you find your beard often gets out of control?

I like a lot of volume. I’m very comfortable with a big beard – the bigger the better! I think you did a pretty good job too, although personally, I think you should have just focused on me the whole time. No one needs to see the other characters.

Describe a typical day in the life of Boo.

Well its quite simple really. Sleep, eat, walk, repeat. When I can, I try and squeeze in some belly-scratching time too.

Are there any other doggy books that you enjoy reading?

I quite like The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time and Marley & Me… but those tales didn’t end so well for the four-legged characters.

Boo’s Beard is out in October, the perfect time for dogs to chase leaves in the wind. What are your favourite times of year and why?

I like Christmas because then I get to eat the leftovers! Plus everyone is in a good mood so it’s belly scratching all round.

Thanks for talking to me, Boo, it’s been a pleasure trying to put you into watercolours! What are you off to do now?

That’s all right, I’m glad I managed to fit you into my busy day. I think it’s about time I go to sleep in my basket. I had to push that back half an hour for this interview – that’s showbiz for you.

Enjoy your day, Boo, and see you soon.


You can buy this fab new book here

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