October 1st, 2015

Access Denied: The Ones That Didn’t Make It.

Since the publication of 'At Death’s Door', I have been haunted by the ideas which never made it onto the final pages.

I’d like to share my curse, ahem, initial concepts and sketches which ended up in a mass grave of the unused. Buried titles for the book include ‘The Doors of Deception’, ‘Dead End’ and ‘The Final Countdown: Who’s Number’s Up?’ and I’ve included a previously unseen spread – an alternative Door No. 6 featuring a zany little zombie named Agro Gland. As fond as I am of this rancid little rotter, he was removed at the last knockings (pardon the pun) in favour of a twisted little tiki with a penchant for starting fires.

ADD Concept Sketches1 ADD Concept Sketches2 ADD Concept Sketches3 ADD Concept Sketches4Alternative spread_page One Alternative spread_page Two

As a parting note, I bequeath to you dear reader, a series of dark marks.

These marks can be hung on the door to ward off evil spirits or alternatively, be used to keep one’s page, cleverly devised for when ‘At Death’s Door’ is banished to the netherworld of bargain bins – then at least I have a new sideline in novelty book marks.

Book Marks

Ben Joel Price is the founder and creative director of Symetria Limited, an independent design and publishing house specialising in contemporary greetings cards and stationery. You can read more about Ben and his work here.

‘At Death’s Door’ is published by Skyhorse Publishing and is out now and available online and in stores. You can also get your copy here.

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