Sinatra and the Jack Pack

Frank Sinatra desperately wanted to be a part of the gang. He had his own famed ‘Rat Pack’, of course, made up of hard drinking, womanizing, louche individuals like himself – guys like Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior and Peter Lawford. But the guy ‘ol blue eyes’ really wanted to hang with was Lawfords' brother-in-law, the Real Chairman of the Board, John.F.Kennedy.


Sinatra and Kennedy had first met in 1956. The two men liked the good things in life and thrived on their mutual ability to attract women, male admirers and adoring acolytes who would help to show them a good time. As Kennedy edged towards the Presidency, Sinatra assiduously courted the relationship, even recording a special version of his hit “High Hopes” as the candidates campaign song and persuading many of his influential Hollywood friends to back Jack

His loyalty was rewarded with exceptional access to the Kennedy White House, including JFK’s trust to allow him accompany Jackie to a number of celebratory balls on the night of the inauguration.

But on the evening of 20th March 1962 Frank was unexpectedly and abruptly ejected from Jacks gang. This is the story of how and why.

To be published by Skyhorse Publishing, US, 2016.


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Michael Sheridan

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“I cannot thank Isy enough for her utter belief in my first book, ‘Behind The Gloss,’ from the moment she met me and for holding my hand on this new journey. Not only that, but before I could take a breath there was another book deal on the table. Two books publishing in the same month. Not bad for a first-time author.”

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