Laura Walsh

About Laura

Laura Walsh is a leading speaker to groups of all ages across the country. She had a twenty year addiction to prescription painkillers and alcohol. Her addiction began when her baby daughter tragically died of cot death. Laura turned to painkillers for a way of numbing the pain, however, this addiction destroyed her life, family and relationships. At the depth of her despair all of Laura’s family had walked away and she was about to become homeless.

Laura’s story has given hope to others suffering in similar situations as well as those who may not be struggling themselves, but who are watching the battle of a loved one’s substance abuse. Laura is a true testament to the idea that you can turn your life around – no matter what you’re going through, you simply need to take it one day at a time.

Laura is now the director of three companies with a turnover of over half a million pounds per year and is the author of ASHAMED, which has also recently been published in Poland. She has appeared on This Morning, in Closer Magazine and been heard in many radio interviews. Laura divides her time between her busy work schedule and spending time with her family, which now includes three beautiful granddaughters.

Laura is a firm believer of The Law of Attraction, which emphasises focusing on the things you want in life in order to achieve them.


“Isabel opened the doors that led to my work being published. Throughout, she has offered honest opinions and patient coaching – all without ever losing the courtesy, gentility and decency that makes her a pleasure to know. I owe her deeply!”

Nick Soulsby, Creative Authors Client.