Lilla’s Sunflowers

Lilla and Papa enjoy spending magical times in Lilla’s sunflower patch. Before Papa leaves for a trip that will take him far away from home for a long time, Lilla gives him a sunflower seed. “To remember me, Papa,” Lilla whispers.


Seasons pass, and Lilla’s mood falls like autumn leaves. Finally, news comes that her papa is coming home! The following summer, to her surprise, she receives letters from families with photos of their loved ones pictured with sunflowers. She learns that her gift to her father brightened the dark days for many people, and that her one small seed continued spreading sunshine across the country.

Colleen Rowan Kosinki’s lyrical style and whimsical artwork bring this story of love to life. Lilla’s Sunflowers will resonate not only with military families but also with any child missing a loved one. This is a wonderful gift for holidays celebrating our country’s military heroes as well as a quiet story for bedtime read-alouds.

For kids aged 3 to 6, this is a must-have for military families or for families where one parent does a lot of traveling and is away from the home for extended periods of time. It also serves as a charming story about sharing what you have and the benefits that can reap.

Published by Sky Pony Press


PreS-Gr 2–A way to make sure a loved one will always be thinking of you is to give them a memorable object as a reminder. Lilla has a special bond with her father. One thing they enjoy doing is spending warm summer days in the sunflower patch. When Lilla learns that Papa has to leave for a long trip (military deployment), she wants to give him something so he’ll remember her. She gives him the perfect thing…a sunflower seed. Time goes by, and waiting for her father to return is difficult. She thinks of him as she plants more sunflower seed and watches them grow and change throughout the year. Lilla finally learns that Papa is coming home. He sends her a special note with a picture. In the photo she sees that the seed has changed. After he returns home, Papa tells Lilla how one little seed helped many other people feel so much better. This is a unique tale about how one little thing can spread happiness among many people. The warm and lovely illustrations are expressive and add to the book’s charm. VERDICT Many children will find this story helpful if they have parents who travel a lot or friends who live in different locations. An excellent choice for communities with large populations in the military. — School Library Journal, Barbara Spiri, Southborough Library, MA, August 2016.


Colleen Rowan Kosinski

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