From the author of Bird Hugs, a story about being yourself, even if that means becoming a new kind of dinosaur!


Brian loves dinosaurs. When he discovers that frogs were around when dinosaurs were alive, he decides that makes him a dinosaur—a Brianosaurus, in fact. At first, it’s fun. But his woodland friends think he should roar all the time, not use trampolines or read books. And the frogs think he’s making the pond look bad. So Brianosaurus decides to act exactly the way they want. The trouble is, he isn’t happy…until he decides to be himself.


Ged Adamson

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“Isabel opened the doors that led to my work being published. Throughout, she has offered honest opinions and patient coaching – all without ever losing the courtesy, gentility and decency that makes her a pleasure to know. I owe her deeply!”

Nick Soulsby, Creative Authors Client.