September 14th, 2016

Books of Wonder Store Tour

We love browsing the shelves at Books of Wonder. It’s such a magical store with so much to see and enjoy. We walk through the revolving door into another world and we know we’ll be here for a while…

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 24 00

Taking the first aisle on the right, next to the seating area, we find a wonderful selection of folk and fairy tales.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 24 12

Follow the shelves deeper into the store, passing mythology and non-fiction.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 24 53

We glance up and see cardboard cut-outs above the shelves.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 24 45

Or Curious George hanging down from the ceiling.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 25 09

One of our favourite things about this store is the imagination, how much there is to enjoy, and the overall cosy feel.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 30 35

When we loop around into the next aisle, we find classic and modern day picture books before moving around to middle grade.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 30 53

Then to YA.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 31 29

There are lots of signed books and staff recommendations.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 32 23

And even more to see when we look up.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 33 38

At the back of the store, we discover the old and rare books section. The shelves hold out-of-print and collectible children’s literature.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 28 33

Some first edition titles, some signed by the author or illustrator, some limited edition copies.

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 29 00

Beside this is the wall of wonderful framed artwork. Art from children’s books—Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Where the Wild Thing Are.

Photo 01-08-2016, 14 30 19

And we’ve been thrilled to come across some of our own titles…

Photo 01-08-2016, 19 37 33

Guojing’s The Only Child


And this fabulous display for Ged Adamson’s Douglas, You Need Glasses!


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“Isabel Atherton helped me find the best place for my first picture book – the award winning ‘The Only Child.’ She is not only a experienced and professional book agent, but also a trusted friend, who guides like a friend and shares ideas. The process of book publishing with Isabel was a really sweet and smooth journey for me.”

Guojing, Creative Authors Client.