March 22nd, 2015

When Illustrators are Drawn to Their Pets…

When Illustrators are Drawn to Their Pets…

Animals provide great inspiration for both stories and drawings. Whether our pets are snoring peacefully while we work, or trying to get our attention, they are excellent company. We love our furry assistants, so we asked some of the CA illustrators to share their pets with us.

Guojing: My Dog Dou Dou

Hello. Everyone. I’m Jing Guo. This is my dog Mr “Dou Dou” – he’s 5 years old. The name means Beans in Chinese. He loves food and toys. Sometimes he likes to sleep on my knees when I am drawing. My legs are his exclusive pillow now.

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Bethany Straker: Alf and Me

I have a two year old Cavapoo called Alf. When we moved to the countryside 3 years ago, working from home was idyllic, but I needed a companion, so we got an excitable puppy and haven’t looked back! He was absolutely tiny when he first arrived.

photo 5


Since then, he’s been a great friend and source of inspiration to me as I work. He does tend to interrupt when he thinks it’s time for a walk though! He’s a messy, muddy little excitable devil, and that’s how I like to draw him.

photo 6

When I worked with Kate Louise on ‘PIERRE THE FRENCH BULLDOG RECYCLES’, I couldn’t resist giving him a small role in the story, as he joins a gang of dogs following Pierre on his adventures. It was perfect for Alf, he got to be in a huge junkyard, playing with all the rubbish!

photo 7

I really couldn’t be without my mischievous, noisy little terror!

Rosie the Pug

Rosie is Isabel’s pug, and she is adored by all of us!



By Guojing


By Guojing

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“Isabel Atherton helped me find the best place for my first picture book – the award winning ‘The Only Child.’ She is not only a experienced and professional book agent, but also a trusted friend, who guides like a friend and shares ideas. The process of book publishing with Isabel was a really sweet and smooth journey for me.”

Guojing, Creative Authors Client.