October 29th, 2016

National Cat Day: Why I Love Drawing Cats

Cats have such a magical and humorous personality that I love not only in stories but in real life.


They say that you are either a Dog Person or a Cat Person and it’s pretty obvious which team I fall on. It first noticed how much of a cat person I was once I moved to University and to a city. I lived without a cat and didn’t see them very often, so I would miss my cats very much.


My first cat, was an adopted cat named Blue (although she was black). She had been in my life since I was 1 years old and lived to be 18 years old! It was heartbreaking when she passed away. As a child I used to pretend she was Luna, the cat from Sailor Moon as she was always around and always keeping me company (Sadly we didn’t kick ass on the streets of Tokyo after school though!).
Ever since Blue i’ve had the pleasure of living with (and missing) lots of cats who have been a constant inspiration as a children’s book illustrator.


Cats have such a magical and humorous personality that I love not only in stories but in real life. I once had a Studio Ghibli moment when a random fat ginger cat walked home with me under my umbrella. Sadly I never saw him again after he ate most of the contents of my fridge! I got the impression that that wasn’t his first time doing that. 


All cats have different personalities which is one of the biggest reasons I like to draw them. They can be affectionate, hyper, grumpy or sassy and it’s really fun to try and show that through illustration. 

Happy National Cat Day from Grace and the team at Creative Authors. Grace has kindly created a colouring page for readers to print off and enjoy. Click to enlarge.


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