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Fiona McDonald is a classically trained artist whose passion for toys manifests itself in the compulsive making of dolls and puppets. Her life size cloth and mixed media figures have received international acclaim and are eagerly sought after by collectors (thank goodness because they take up a lot of room at home).

Fiona took time off from making things to have a passionate affair with the works of Dante Alighieri, the medieval Italian poet. This much needed intellectual stimulus has resulted in a frantic writing spree attempting to bring her two great loves together: literature and visual art. Incongruous as it may seem, BABES IN THE WOOL is one of several offspring to come from this union.

When Fiona is not writing or making things she teaches a special class of super naughty children of which she claims to be the naughtiest of all.

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“I’ve learned so much since joining Creative Authors in 2012. Isy’s negotiated ten book deals for me since then and has always been very supportive. Her advice and knowledge of the publishing world have been invaluable in helping me progress as a writer and illustrator.”

Ged Adamson, Creative Authors Client.