April 1st, 2015

Easter Themed Book Giveaway – We Have a Winner! Comp now closed!

To celebrate bunnies, daffodils and chocolate eggs - we at CA Towers offered one lucky person the chance to win our Easter themed books. A big congratulations is due to Sarah in Belgium - your book swag is on its way!

Question: ‘In the Bad Easter Bunny’ (by yours truly) – what colour does the bunny go when he gets mad?

Answer: Of course, The Bad Easter Bunny, aka BEB, turns red!

Don’t forget to check out our book trailer for ‘The Bad Easter Bunny.’

The Spotty Dotty Daffodil by Rose Mannering (text) and Bethany Straker (illustrations).

The little daffodil’s only dream, ever since he was just a bulb, was to grow to be tall, bright, and yellow. But during the winter, the little bulb catches a cold. When springtime finally arrives, the bulb’s brothers and sisters have all grown into beautiful, yellow daffodils, while the little daffodil is left spotted and small. The daffodil is ashamed of his red spots, and thinks himself ugly in comparison to his brothers and sisters. So when a little girl comes outside to play for the first time since winter, the little daffodil tries to hide in shame. But the little girl is looking for a special flower to give her grandmother. Does she choose the spotty dotty daffodil? Does the daffodil finally accept his spots?

Featuring a heartfelt story of acceptance from author Rose Mannering, and beautiful watercolor illustrations by Bethany Straker, The Spotty Dotty Daffodil celebrates the differences in all of us—spots, stripes, or otherwise. Parents, caregivers, and teachers of children between the ages of 3 and 6 will love the beautiful illustrations and important message of being happy with who you are and accepting differences. This is a perfect gift for any young child for spring holidays or birthdays. The message is very positive, the tone uplifting, and the little spotty dotty daffodil has a gentle personality that children will be drawn to. See more here: http://www.amazon.com/Spotty-Dotty-Daffodil-Rose-Mannering/dp/1626363463

The Bad Easter Bunny by Isabel Atherton (text) and Stephanie Rohr (illustrations).

You think the Easter Bunny is cute and sweet? You haven’t met BEB, aka the Bad Easter Bunny! He will eat all your candy, break all your toys, and trash your neighborhood. We’re talking no more Mr. Nice Bunny!

Every spring the Easter Bunny frolics through every neighbourhood in every city to hand out candy and toys to children. The problem is he feels a total lack of gratitude from them. He’s getting sadder and sadder, and in turn his once bright-pink fur has gone a depressing shade of blue. His fur really does reflect how he is feeling inside. When a group of highly excitable children knock him to the ground, he sees all of the colors of the rainbow and settles on a hopping red color. The Easter Bunny is furious! He’s tired of being taken for granted and has decided to become the Bad Easter Bunny.

He sets about smashing toys, eating all the candy, and making a big mess of the neighborhood. But a simple “thank you” from one little girl on a scooter makes the Bad Easter Bunny regret his actions. A small hug and sharing a piece of candy makes the Easter Bunny turn a happy pink, and he promises to be bad no more. In this fun and quirky children’s book, Isabel Atherton’s story and Stéphanie Röhr’s magical illustrations show how one good bunny turned very bad—and how important gratitude can be. See more here: http://www.skyponypress.com/book/?GCOI=61608102928860

Grow Your Own Ingredients by Cassie Liversidge.

Ice cream is the most popular dessert across the globe, and now kids can learn how to make their very own ice cream with this step-by-step guide. Master gardener Cassie Liversidge’s cutout art accompanies simple, easy-to-understand instructions for planting and growing mint, strawberries, and blueberries—all important ingredients you need for different ice cream flavors. Even kids who have never met a weed can tackle this project!

Parents will appreciate reminders to wait patiently and handle buds and flowers gently; kids will love the jokes scattered throughout the book. (What did one strawberry say to the other strawberry? Look at the jam you’ve gotten us into!) Budding chefs will love following this easy guide and will take pride in each step of the culinary process, from planting strawberry seeds to serving a delicious dessert!

Ice Cream! is part gardening book and part cookbook and is sure to delight young gardeners and cooks. This is the perfect springtime gift for food-loving children. And as a bonus, watching strawberries and blueberries grow from seeds and learning how to cook is the perfect way to get kids to appreciate their fruit! See more here: http://www.amazon.com/Ice-Cream-Grow-Your-Ingredients/dp/1632204053/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427927408&sr=1-1-spell&keywords=grow+your+own+ingridients+ice+crea%2C

Happy Easter and thanks to everyone that participated in our competition.

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by Isabel Atherton


“Isabel opened the doors that led to my work being published. Throughout, she has offered honest opinions and patient coaching – all without ever losing the courtesy, gentility and decency that makes her a pleasure to know. I owe her deeply!”

Nick Soulsby, Creative Authors Client.