November 9th, 2015

Creative Author Fran Macilvey is interviewed by Carol Graham

My first book Trapped: My Life With Cerebral Palsy had the good fortune to be discovered by Isabel Atherton, director of Creative Authors. In March 2013, I sent a brief enquiry to Creative Authors. Isabel got back in touch and the rest, as they say, is history. My book is an Amazon best-seller, both in the USA and the UK and plans are well advanced with my publishers (Skyhorse, New York) for the release of Trapped as a paperback in July 2016.

Trapped, as a memoir in narrative non-fiction style, tells the true story of my life with Cerebral Palsy. Although the process of writing was lengthy and extremely painful, it helped me to accept and look beyond my physical limitations to what life teaches us through unusual or adverse circumstances. Mine has been a journey of small steps forward, inching towards goals which become clearer as each day passes.


During the last eight years I’ve learned a lot about the gentle art of promotion and publicity. Most importantly, I have the wonderful fortune to have made many, many good friends, whose support, advice, encouragement and good sense have kept me motivated over many years. Carol Graham is one such friend. My guest radio appearance on Carol’s radio show ‘Never Ever Give Up Hope’ has recently gone live.  I am so excited to share it with you here.  You can also find it on Apple i-tunes and catch it as a Stitcher podcast. I hope you will listen, comment, review and share.

Trapped was not written in isolation, but is followed by two companion volumes, Happiness Matters and Making Miracles, which are both ready for publication. I am also adapting Trapped as a play for radio, and have a few other works up my sleeve, including The Seduction of Susan Scott, He Says/She Says, Pip, The Dream Maker (all fiction) Why Women Write and How To Get Published (both non-fiction).

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by Fran Macilvey


“Isabel opened the doors that led to my work being published. Throughout, she has offered honest opinions and patient coaching – all without ever losing the courtesy, gentility and decency that makes her a pleasure to know. I owe her deeply!”

Nick Soulsby, Creative Authors Client.