March 5th, 2015

Colouring Books Help Reduce Stress For Adults

There has been a resurgence in the popularity of colouring books recently.

Reports from retailers show that it’s not children who are interested in the past time, it is also adults who are whipping out the colouring pencils too. With sales rising 300 percent at Waterstones, UK, it is clear that this is a creative outlet that is growing in popularity. The store’s ‘Children’s Book of the Month’ for March 2015 will be a colouring book for the first time.

It is believed that this hobby has become so popular because of its ability to help people relax and switch off from every day stresses and worries. Colouring in the lines of an intricate illustration can be both stimulating and therapeutic which is a similar feeling to working on a jigsaw.

Colouring books are no longer considered an activity just for children. Books are being published with more complex and detailed lines, patterns and shapes that are engaging and enjoyable for adults too. As it is a market on the rise, it is likely that we are going to see more variety in colouring books with subjects that everyone can enjoy – no matter what age!

I have designed and illustrated some colouring pages based on the idea of ‘Hobbies’. One is a gardening page and the other is a knitting page, which is a bit more complicated and intricate. These pages are available for you or friends and family to print and colour for free. If you do use them please take a photo and tweet it to @creativeauthors using the hashtag #ColourMeAwesome


Grace is the illustrator of ‘Tough Cookie’ written by Kate Louise (Sky Pony, pub Fall 2015). Her debut written and illustrated book has just been bought by North Parade Publishing, UK. You can follow her on Twitter @gracesandford.

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