Twenty Sixteen

2016: the year Bowie died, the year that Britain voted to leave the EU, and the year that Trump came to power. Enter the world of Twenty Sixteen, Bullman’s terrific debut novel: a precisely imagined, beautifully written, compelling crime story that will have you turning its Soho-cocktail-soaked pages with relish. Its vividly realised characters will live on long after you have finished reading. Pyretic, louche, sexy: this is a cool book. British crime novels are rarely, if ever, this cool.” - Michael Stewart - Multi award winning writer.


Two murders, committed over three decades apart, set in motion a modern noir detective story that plays out against the chaos of a Britain at odds with itself.

As Brexit bites and Britain begins to tear itself apart, DI Reider returns from a manhunt in Europe with a bullet hole in his shoulder and decides it’s time to retire from the force. But Reider hasn’t counted on his first case coming back to haunt him. He hasn’t counted on his career going full circle and he definitely hasn’t counted on Sasha Haye.

Angry and heartbroken, Sasha is seeking answers about the death of her boyfriend and Reider might just be the only person who can help her find them.

Against the backdrop of the referendum and its aftermath, the pair embark on a journey that brings them into contact with extremism, celebrity, politics and the world of vintage porn, as they attempt to unravel a murderous knot with threads that lead into the dark heart of the establishment, and a past which has a cold and unrelenting grip on the present.

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