The Camino Killer

A heart-pounding thriller full of twists and turns! Perfect for fans of Lee Child, J B Turner, Mark Dawson and Rob Sinclair.

An obsessive killer is targeting sinners…

When bounty hunter Eliot Locke accepts a job in Spain from a mysterious employer, he has no idea what to expect.


On arrival, he learns that his target is a serial killer who has been abducting tourists while they walk the Camino, a Christian pilgrimage route.

What’s more, the killings seem to have a religious motivation: all victims are perceived sinners, and all were murdered in gruesomely ritualistic ways.

To his surprise, Eliot — a committed outlaw and atheist — finds himself joining forces with the police and the Church to help bring an end to the bloody spree.

But with few leads and no suspects, their only hope is to flush the murderer out by baiting a trap.

As the unlikely allies put their dangerous plan into action, Eliot must rely on his hunter’s instinct to stay one step ahead of the Camino Killer…

THE CAMINO KILLER is the second high-stakes assassination novel in the Eliot Locke Thrillers series: fast-paced action-packed thrillers featuring a bounty hunter with a dry sense of humour.

BOOK ONE: Dead or Alive
BOOK TWO: The Camino Killer


Anthony Galvin

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