Mommy, I Want a Dog!

One spring day, a little girl goes to the park with her mom. She sees all the kids in the park having fun with their dogs, and decides that she wants a dog as well. However, she doesn’t understand the hard work and responsibilities involved, so her mom explains the ups and downs of life with a dog.


To live with a dog, she must get up very early in the morning, go for a walk everyday regardless of weather, clean up mess done by a dog, etc.

The list describes fourteen “fun” activities, which are not fun at all. However the last fifteenth spread talks about the happiness and love that dogs offer us.

The little girl is speechless. She doesn’t even notice when she drops her precious ice cream on the ground.

Time passes. And on a blustery autumn day, the little girl comes back to the park with a white hairy friend. She has a big smile on her face, no shoe on her left foot, and she answers loudly, ‘Yes, I am!’

‘Mommy, I want a dog!’ is about duty and responsibility of being a dog owner. A lot of the fun that the mother describes in the story is not fun at all. Many children don’t like getting up early or cleaning a messy room. The story visualises the reality of living with a dog, so children get a vivid idea of the hard work involved. But it also shows the rich reward of a dog’s unconditional love.

Pub. Dec, 2015, Noran Sang Sang


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“I cannot thank Isy enough for her utter belief in my first book, ‘Behind The Gloss,’ from the moment she met me and for holding my hand on this new journey. Not only that, but before I could take a breath there was another book deal on the table. Two books publishing in the same month. Not bad for a first-time author.”

Tamara Sturtz-Filby, Creative Authors Client