House of Dreams

Phil and Julia are lovers, but they have never met. Julia saves Phil's life - though he has never seen her. Julia has the most erotic affair of her life with Phil and never gives up waiting for him - but he hasn't even been born. They are brought together by a house: 31 Hawthorn Road.

Publisher: Endeavour Press, 2015


Julia lived in the house in 1945, and Phil lives there in 1999, but they have something else in common – they both want to stop time.  In the 1990’s, Phil is on the brink of the break-up of his family and the loss of his son, his home and his livelihood.  In the 1940’s, Julia dreads the end of the war and the return of her stranger-husband. Neither can halt the unfolding of events they fear, but the house acts as an uncanny conduit across the years, connecting a man and woman who need one another.


Maggie Brookes

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