January 3rd, 2017

Bethany Straker Talks to us about Family & Work

The Juggle is Real

Three years ago, whilst I was enjoying a particularly creative time working on books both by myself and in collaboration with some wonderful people, I was blissfully unaware that by 2017 I would be a mother of 3. It’s been the most unbelievable time, and I’ve been able to work a little here and there, but our twins arrived in September and I now need a plan…

My son is 2. He is at an age of acute contrariness. If he asks for milk he means water, and if I produce his favourite cup he will appear devastated because, actually, his favourite cup is now the red one. He tears around the house shouting ‘cuddle please!’ and likes to repeat himself as loudly as possible.

The twins are three months old. They gaze up at me, their little mouths trying out new positions and their tongues flickering in and out. Absolute sweetness, until something displeases them and they bleat loudly like angry sheep.

When all three are upset, it is quite the scene. I love it, but I found myself wondering when there would be a few minutes to draw, a lovely hour to sit and create again. So, with the arrival of January and a carefully crafted husband and wife ‘timetable’, I can go back to work on a Tuesday. It may seem pitiful to some, but a whole day! What an amazing thought!

I am sitting here now, quite shocked at the prospect of my first full day (bar feedings) to draw again. It’s almost daunting. Where do I start?

I can hear the intermittent yells of my excitable son coming from the other room and I must try to block them out, or I will only be illustrating toddlers for the next year.

So, here’s to a more balanced 2017. Wish me luck!

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