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Robert Kelsey is a best-selling author, founder and CEO of a successful London PR agency, and co-founder and deputy chairman of a leading entrepreneurs’ think tank: The Centre for Entrepreneurs. Yet he left school with one O’level and struggled to fit in – his early careers usually ending in failure. He was always the outsider – whether from his upbringing (as a townie “marooned” in the countryside) or from being the deep-thinker among the deal-junkies of investment banking. Yet Kelsey found redemption in entrepreneurship – giving his life meaning and offering him the philosophical insight that underpins his writing.

His books on the insecurities that made him such an ineffective young adult, What’s Stopping You? What’s Stopping You Being More Confident? and Get Things Done, have become international bestsellers – selling over 100,000 copies and being translated into 10 languages. His latest book The Outside Edge (WH Smith’s “book of the week” in April 2015) adopts the same alchemy of deep research, strong insight (including personal struggles) and practical guidance to help tackle the insecurities that blunt our potential for achievement.

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