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About Paul

Paul Knott was born and bred as ‘a Mossite’ in the ‘Las Vegas of the North.’ Paul’s first attempt at further education led him to the University of London. Despite incurring a 5 year ban from the Worthing International Mixed Hockey Festival he emerged with a surprisingly clean record, The Frank Grimes Sports Cup and a degree in Mathematics (inc. the Harding Maths prize).

He then embarked on a career which mainly involved flying around the globe discovering the best and most obscure bars to drink in whilst picking up some questionable apparel. In addition to a sore liver he obtained a Masters degree from TIAS Business School, in The Netherlands. He is now a business turnaround specialist who successfully sorts out other people’s crises for a slice of the pie and a pint. Paul currently spends his time between the beach in Whitstable and Brazil – walking Rocco, a four legged friend on the former and in a hammock on the latter.

Previous extra-curricular activities include DJ’ing on the E-Werk truck at the Berlin Love Parade and snowboarding around Canada. Recently he seems to have spent most of his time scribbling instead of counting.


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“I’m new to the publishing world and Isabel has supported me every step of the way. She has found my book the perfect home and made the whole process run smoothly. Couldn’t be more grateful.”

Zuza Zak, Creative Authors Client