Kristen Bateman

About Kristen


Kristen Bateman is a New York based writer who penned her first article for Vogue Italia. Since then, she is regularly published in: The New York Times Style Section, T magazine, Vogue, W Magazine, New York Magazine, CNN Style, Harper’s Bazaar, Dazed, Town & Country, Architectural Digest, Elle, and many, many more. She focuses on features that explore fashion history, niche beauty trends, and cultural explorations including home décor and food. She has been interviewed for her unique sense of style for Vogue Magazine.

Combined, she has over 66k followers across Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. As well as working as an independent journalist, she has her own jewelry brand, Dollchunk, and works as a creative consultant partnering with brands to collaborate on content marketing, copywriting, consulting, creative direction and much more. Clients include but are not limited to: Estee Lauder, Nordstrom, Longchamp, Whistles, Ralph Lauren, Hilton, Barclays, and many more.



“Isabel opened the doors that led to my work being published. Throughout, she has offered honest opinions and patient coaching – all without ever losing the courtesy, gentility and decency that makes her a pleasure to know. I owe her deeply!”

Nick Soulsby, Creative Authors Client.