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John Robb was born in Blackpool and is an author, musician, TV and radio presenter, journalist, record label boss and producer. Fired into action by punk rock in 1977 Robb formed the critically acclaimed band the Membranes and edited his own fanzine, which was one of the best selling UK zines of the eighties. He started writing for the now defunct Sounds music paper in 1986 writing the first pieces on Nirvana, the Madchester scene and covering music all over the world whilst coining the term ‘Britpop’ in 1988.

After Sounds stopped in 1992 Robb went on to become a well known face on music documentaries on TV and radio as a pundit and presenter and co-produced eaten part history of punk rock TV series. He also fronted a new band, Goldblade, who have released several albums and continue to tour the world.

He has written several books including the best selling biography of the Stone Roses, THE STONE ROSES AND THE RESURRECTION OF BRITISH POP, the definitive guide to nineties pop culture, THE NINETIES – WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? and the critically acclaimed and best selling PUNK ROCK – AN ORAL HISTORY. He has also released THE NORTH WILL RISE AGAIN, an oral history of the Manchester music scene, and DEATH TO TRAD ROCK, an account of the eighties UK noise underground scene that Robb was involved in with the Membranes.

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