Chris Bleakley

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Chris is Professor and Head of the School of Computer Science at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. Chris has thirty-five years of experience in algorithm and software design. He has taught and written on the subject for the last sixteen of those years.

As a school kid, Chris taught himself how to program on a home computer. Within two years, he was selling his own computer programs by mail order to customers throughout the UK.

Chris graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science from Queen’s University, Belfast, and a PhD degree in Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University. After college, he was employed as a software consultant by Accenture and, later, as a senior researcher by Broadcom √Čireann Research. Thereafter, he was appointed Vice President of Engineering at Massana, a leading-edge start-up company developing integrated circuits and software for data communications.

Today, Chris leads a research group focused on inventing novel algorithms for analysing real-world sensor data. His work has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals and presented at major international conferences.

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