Josefin Waltin

About Josefin

Josefin Waltin is a spinner, spinning teacher, course creator, freelance writer, blogger and YouTuber. She is a wool nerd of epic proportions and allows the wool to be her teacher as she prepares and spins it into yarn. Starting back in 2015 from a simple YouTube video about the journey from preparing a fleece and spinning it into yarn, to knitting a sweater she has built an online community of spinners around the world. She dives deep into the fibers and focuses mainly on spindle techniques and wool preparation, but also enjoys creating textiles and knitting patterns with her handspun yarn.

She lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her family and takes baths in her local lake every day of the year.

Josefin’s book Listen to the wool: A why-to guide for mindful spinning, is about exploring the wool through its unique characteristics and creating its best yarn, and will be published in the fall of 2025.

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